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With bass fishing being a $115 billion industry, bass anglers are always seeking an edge over their competition. Could a revolutionary $5,000 propeller called the Sharrow offer unmatched performance gains for bass boats?

Absolutely. This custom-fabricated, spoon-shaped prop with a fully enclosed design is made from durable 17-17 stainless steel. The Sharrow prop boasts up to 30% improved fuel efficiency, smoother operation, and a hole shot that has to be felt to be believed.

Keep reading to learn more about how this patented prop technology could help you do your personal best—and discover if the Sharrow’s hefty price tag might just be worth it for dominating your next derby.

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What Makes the Sharrow So Special?

When I first laid eyes on the Sharrow prop, I’ll admit—I was baffled. This spoon-shaped prop looks nothing like a traditional bass boat propeller. But that unique design is the key to its game-changing performance.

Crafted from strong yet responsive 17-17 stainless steel, the Sharrow features a completely enclosed tip to eliminate that annoying “prop whistle” we all hate. No exposed leading edges means no ventilation or slip—just pure, efficient energy transfer for holeshots that pin you to your seat.

And get this: each Sharrow prop is fully customized to your exact bass rig using proprietary computer modeling. You thought getting custom trailer lettering was cool? This takes personalization to a whole new level!

A Custom Build Just For Your Boat

A comprehensive survey collects details like:

  • Boat brand/model
  • Engine RPM
  • Jack plate height
  • Prop shaft length
  • And more!
  • Computer-aided design software creates a virtual blueprint tailored to your boat
  • Then it was CNC-machined and hand-finished over 15 days

See, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Sharrow engineers each unit to unlock every ounce of performance from your specific setup. So you get that glove-like fit that maximizes speed, fuel economy, and control.

The result? Buttery-smooth operation free from damaging vibration. Acceleration and top end are comparable with the best bass props out there. And a new standard for fine-tuned efficiency that saves you some green on gas.

What Kind of Performance Benefits Does it Offer?

Okay, so by now you know these Sharrow props look funky and have a cool backstory. But how the heck do they actually perform on the water?

In a word: exceptionally.

Let’s break down some of the biggest benefits that dozens of early adopters have experienced from upgrading to a high-performance Sharrow prop:

Fuel Economy

With gas prices yo-yoing wildly these days, everyone wants better MPGs. Sharrows deliver here in spades, with documented gains of 10–30% over conventional props.


  • Suppressed blade cavitation
  • A Gearbox EffectTM transfers more power directly to water
  • No wasted energy from vibration, whistle or slip

That adds up to some major savings at the pump just by bolting on a Sharrow upgrade.

Holeshot Acceleration

Hits the throttle, and…Nothing happens as your boat struggles up onto the plane. Ugh! Not with a Sharrow. Their custom blueprinting dials holeshot performance to another dimension entirely.

  • Boosted thrust from unique blade curvature
  • Computer-calculated gearing ratio
  • Matched perfectly to each engine/hull

I’m telling you, a properly set-up Sharrow-equipped bass boat leaps out of the hole like a surface missile. You might even need to upgrade your neck brace!

Smoother Operation

  • No vibration. Silky smooth even at high speeds thanks to precision balancing.
  • “It’s eerily quiet!” say the owners of the underwater acoustic profile.
  • Surface noise was reduced too, especially that annoying whistle while trolling.

Maximum Control

Between the enhanced holeshot, boosted mid-range bite, and vibration-free handling, Sharrows offer a supremely dialed-in driving experience. Effortlessly put the boat precisely where you want it with zero drama.

You see, while bargain props get you from A → B, Sharrows are engineered for maximum on-water performance. No compromises.

The result? A Cadillac-smooth ride and precise control need to be felt firsthand to be fully appreciated.

Of course, sharrows do come at a premium price. But talking to owners firsthand, nearly everyone said the performance gains and gas savings justified costs for them many times over after upgrading.

How Sharrow Stacks Up to Other High-End Props

Alright, so by now we’ve covered why sharrows are unique and the benefits they offer—from fuel savings to holeshot acceleration.

But how do they compare against other popular high-performance prop upgrades bass anglers typically buy?

I got my hands on some independent test data to find out. Let’s analyze key metrics side-by-side:


Sharrow – 66 MPH PowerTech SWC4 – 64 MPH

With fine-tuned gearing ratios custom-matched to each boat, Sharrows achieved 3–4 MPH faster speeds compared to the leading high-end competitor.


Sharrow – 3.1 Seconds (500 RPM) PowerTech SWC4 – 3.8 Seconds

Out-accelerating from 0 by nearly a full second, Sharrow’s closed spoon-tip and dialed-in blueprinting cut holeshot time by 20%.

Fuel Economy

Sharrow – 4.2 MPG Improvement
PowerTech SWC4 – 1.8 MPG Improvement

Here’s where the savings add up. Sharrows deliver over twice the fuel economy – saving anglers some serious gas money.

So by every key metric—speed, acceleration, and MPGs—Sharrow comes out on top.

And that superior performance arises from their fanatical tailoring of every parameter to your personal rig.

No one-size-fits-all approach here. No settling for “close enough.” Every Sharrow gets precision built to push your specific boat to its peak.

But What About the Price?

There’s no doubt about it…Sharrows do demand a bigger upfront investment. But anglers I spoke to said the performance returns quickly offset the higher cost compared to other upgrades.

So while cheaper props may tempt your wallet, the adage “You get what you pay for” still rings true if speed, efficiency and weight-savings matter most.

For bass fishermen chasing every competitive edge, sharrows deliver a winning combo.

The Customization Process

By now, it should be clear that Sharrows offer bass anglers serious performance gains. But we haven’t dove into what sets them apart from anything else out there – the completely customized build process.

See, sharrows aren’t mass-produced. Each one gets handcrafted to match your exact boat and fishing style after an extensive consultation. It’s this custom-tuned approach that unlocks crazy acceleration, top speed, and fuel savings.

Let me walk you through what building a custom Sharrow entails:

It All Starts With Your Answers

After you order, Sharrow’s prop engineers will interview you to collect vital details about your bass boat setup. Nothing is assumed or approximated here; they gather super-precise parameters like:

  • Exact model and year
  • Engine RPM range
  • Jackplate height
  • Typical load weight
  • Local water depth
  • Fishing style
  • And more

You see, every variable plays into the ideal design, gearing, and pitch to push your rig to its peak.

I know—no one ever asks for this level of detail when you buy a Mercury or Solas. But that’s why Sharrows perform so differently!

Into the Digital Workshop

Armed with your answers, engineers construct a complete 3D model of your boat setup using powerful CAD software.

They input real-world variables like water density, bottom contours, and even weed growth to virtually test prop designs under simulated running conditions.

Hundreds of tweak-test cycles happen digitally to nail down your Sharrow’s optimal:

  • Diameter
  • Pitch
  • Rake
  • Gearing
  • And other parameters

This process marries aerospace-level computational fluid dynamics with veteran marine engineers’ real-world expertise.

From Virtual Blueprint to Physical Prop

Happy with the computer model; your vetted design now gets translated into the real world.

A full-scale foam prototype gets CNC machined as the first physical iteration. This rough cut allows balancing and shape refinements as it slowly takes form.

Once the foam prop performs perfectly on test rigs, it serves as the template for your finished sharrow, precision cast from military-grade 17-17 stainless alloy on site.

Elaborate finishing steps remove any microscopic imperfections that could impact performance. A full spectrum of balanced refinements fine-tunes the prop to operate 100% vibration- and whistle-free.

Matched to Your Boat Like a Fingerprint

After 15 days and dozens of painstaking production steps, a hunk of raw steel is transformed into your fully customized sharrow—engraved with your name and ready to bolt on!

All this custom-tuned R&D explains why Sharrows deliver such incredible holeshots and fuel efficiency compared to one-size-fits-all props.

Your sharrow gets tailored to your boat as uniquely as a fingerprint. It’s this total personalization that unlocks game-changing speed and efficiency on the water.

Pretty mind-blowing how much engineering goes on behind the scenes, huh?

Service and Warranty

When you drop 5 grand on a bass boat prop, you expect some protection, right? After all, nobody’s perfect, and dings happen.

Well, Sharrow once again goes above and beyond normal warranty policies.

Every Custom Sharrow Comes With:

1-Year No Fault Replacement: Damage it within 365 days? No questions asked; you’ll get an identical replacement, including rebuild and shipping. Try finding that on Mercury!

Affordable Extended Coverage: Optional Sharrow Care packages give you multi-year repair/replacement peace of mind for $30/month. Way cheaper than buying multiple backup props!

Rapid Turnaround: The average rebuild time is under 2 weeks since each Sharrow blueprint stays on file forever. And loaner props are available for hardcore tourney anglers who can’t wait.

See, rather than making you buy a whole new prop after the standard warranty expires, Sharrow cares about keeping you covered on the water to protect your investment.

Between the 1-year no-fault buffer and having the option to add extended care packages as needed, it was refreshingly nice dealing with a company that seems to genuinely have boaters’ backs.

No wonder Sharrow’s rep for service keeps growing right alongside those speed and efficiency gains!

Final Verdict

So there you have it—the inside scoop on Sharrow’s radically innovative prop design and the transformation it brings to bass boats. Sure, dropping 5 grand on a propeller raises eyebrows. But their unmatched holeshots, blistering top speed, and 30% better fuel economy continue to sway serious anglers to upgrade.

Ultimately, sharrows unlock game-changing efficiency and control. For tourney junkies chasing every edge, they deliver reliable, real-world performance gains that put more money in your pocket.

Simply put, this patented prop technology takes bassin’ to a whole other level. When seconds separate winners and losers, sharrows provide a true competitive advantage.

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