How To Choose The Best Boat Battery Charger

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People who love to travel with boats know the importance of a good battery. And, no matter how good or expensive your boat batteries are, charging with a wrong or bad charger can destroy your battery’s expected life and performance. 

Finding the best battery charger for the boat isn’t always easy. There are multiple things you need to consider before making the purchase. Depending on your battery, you can make the right choice. 

Will a lower amperage could be enough, do you need a multi-bank charger, does the charger has to support different categories, or whether it has to power up several batteries at the same time. Answering these and some other related questions can help you to pick the best one. 

Today, we will discuss about the best boat battery charger of all time, what to look for during the purchase, and some related topics to identify the best possible battery charger for your boat. So if you are interested in knowing more about those and finding out our top picks, keep reading to the end.

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Top 6 Best Boat Battery Charger: (Comparison Table)





NOCO GENIUS5 fully automatic boat battery charger

01. NOCO GENIUS5 fully automatic boat battery charger

Avoid overcharging

ProMariner 43012 boat battery charger

02. ProMariner 43012 boat battery charger

Reasonable Price

Minn Kota On-Board Digital Charger(5amp)

03. Minn Kota On-Board Digital Charger(5amp)

Long-lasting on Water

Blue Sea Systems (ACRs) boat battery charger

04. Blue Sea Systems (ACRs) boat battery charger

Automatic Charging Relay

Minn Kota Precision On-Board Charger(6amp)

05. Minn Kota Precision On-Board Charger(6amp)

3 Year Warranty

BMK BLUEMICKEY maintainer boat battery charger

06. BMK BLUEMICKEY maintainer boat battery charger

Battery Checkup

Review Of The Best Boat Battery Charger

A good battery charger can extend your battery life and improve the overall performance throughout the service time. Every boat battery charger has its own merits and demerits. But if the advantages can overcome the drawbacks and meet up your essential features, that should be the best pick for you. 

Here are our best picks for the boat battery charger, which are overall top in the market-

#1.NOCO GENIUS5 fully automatic boat battery charger review:

Noco is one of the most renowned and quality battery charger manufacturers in the market. They have a great brand value too.

It’s a fully automated 5-ampere smart battery charger. The genius5 can provide a maximum of 77-watts of output at both 6 and 12-volts. You can keep the charger connected all year long as the NOCO genius has an automatic maintenance system to monitor the battery charge condition.

If the battery’s charge goes below a certain level, it will start on its own and stop powering up after reaching at a particular point. Even if your battery is dead, it can recharge them. But won’t repair your lithium battery.

The charger also comes with a maintainer for your boat battery. Therefore, you don’t have to keep tracking. It will do all the job for you. It can adapt to different weather conditions as well. The NOCO genius5 won’t charge under -4 °F, and over 104°F.

The product dimension is 4.61 x 3.43 x 7.95 inches and weighs around 1.5 pounds. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty, user guide manual, mounting bracket with Velcro strap, battery clamps with needle-nose, and two truss-head screws with the package.

However, it’s not a trickle charger and not a jump starter.

Here are some other related products from NOCO, which may pick your interest. Check the links for detailed information and visit the shop. All these products have kind of similar features and performance.

An excellent alternative product from the NOCO is- NOCO GENIUS10 boat battery charger and another product is NOCO GENIUS2. And if you need a direct mount on a boat, check this NOCO GENIUS2D


  • Fully Automated.
  • Smart Charger. 
  • Advance battery maintainer. 
  • Can recharge a dead battery.
  • Provide precision charging.
  • Avoid overcharging. 
  • Adaptive to the weather condition.
  • Waterproof and doesn’t spark.


  • Not a Jump Starter

Click here to buy this NOCO GENIUS5 fully automatic boat battery charger at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#2.ProMariner 43012 boat battery charger review:

ProMariner 43012 is 12 amperage battery. This one can provide 12 volts for 24 hours long. It doesn’t come with all the attractive features like NOCO genius, but it has its own advantage and quality according to the market price comparison.

Pro Sport 12 is a 2-bank generation 3 marine battery charger. One of the best features it has to offer is the distributed-on-demand charging system. It performs charging to the most needed one by using the available amps, making faster recovery than those of fixed outputs bank chargers.

ProMariner sport is a smart charger and compatible with different types of batteries. And it can operate on energy-saving mode. Also, it’s a lightweight and waterproof onboard boat battery charger. It weighs around 4-5 pounds, I guess.

Between the 2-bank, one is for cranking battery, and another one is for house battery like trolling motor. You can use a fiberglass or plywood piece to place in between your boat and the charger, which will help the heat dissipate faster.

It has an excellent lighting system to indicate what is ongoing with the batteries. You can charge multiple batteries in series with this one. However, it will take a more extended period of doing so. The ProMariner Sport 12 doesn’t come with any hardware to secure it on the boat.

Another thing I forgot to mention is- the intense curl cream, which helps the batteries to get the highest amount of charge they can have. And it has around 6 feet of prewired cables for the batteries.

There are some products which are similar to this one from the same manufacturer. You can check these products too if they interest you or fit your desired demand. These products have identical performance and feedback, like the ones we have discussed.

The ProMariner 43020 boat Battery Charger could perform a fine job. And another product that may pick your interest is ProMariner 43021.


  • Distributed on-demand charging. 
  • 2-bank Battery Charger.
  • 2-Year warranty. 
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Compatible with different battery types.


  • Prewired Cables are a little short.

Click here to buy this ProMariner 43012 boat battery charger at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#3.Minn Kota On-Board Digital Charger(5amp) review:

Minn Kota is another best portable boat battery charger on our list. It has some excellent features, and the performance is also satisfactory. It offers different bank options, one to four. Therefore, you can choose the preferred bank as your need or demand.

This battery charger is compatible with different battery types, like AGM, acid, etc.; in a 2-bank battery, each bank contains 5 amps. You can charge different categories of batteries in each bank. It won’t create any problem for the charger.

One of Minn Kota’s best features is- your battery won’t be undercharge or overcharge with this charger. It will compensate the needs according to the battery’s demand and needs. It has an option for automated voltage adjustment. Therefore, you can leave in charging for long without worrying.

It’s a waterproof and shock-resistant charger, which is suitable for marine boat battery. The manufacture also offers a 3-year warranty on its product.

Minn Kota’s precision charging system makes them stand out among other products in the market. It can even adjust with the different temperatures, just like voltage adjustment. The charger is saltwater resistant and has a corrosion restraint, which will help you stay on the water for a more extended period.

This charger is a universal fit, and it can work on deep cycle batteries as well. It has a lighting system like other similar types of chargers, which indicates about the batteries and charging condition.

it is better suited for you and your boat.  Check this Minn Kota Precision On-Board Charger.

We have discussed about this product below. So, don’t forget to read that part too. You can find a detailed overview of this product. If it can pick your interest, skip to the 5 no recommended charger on the list.


  • Reasonable Price. 
  • Voltage and Temperature Adjustment.
  • Precision in Charging. 
  • Different Bank Availability.
  • 3-Year Warranty. 
  • Long-lasting on Water.


  • Fixed Amps on each Bank.

Check another product from the same manufacturer with a kind of similar features and performance. You can check this product too for better comparison, or choose this one if

Click here to buy this Minn Kota On-Board Digital Charger(5amp) at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#4.Blue Sea Systems (ACRs) boat battery charger review:

Blue Sea automatic charging relays offer multiple ACRs with 12 volts to 24 volts. It provides auxiliary battery priority during the charging. The charger is compatible with common battery types like AGM, gel, etc.

The installation process is ridiculously simple, and the guideline is very clear. You won’t face difficulties during the installation. Blue Sea ACRs are ranging from 12-24 volts automatically according to the need. 

It’s a relay charger. So, don’t get confused with diode. And during the use, voltage drop doesn’t seem to be a problem. Only voltage drops we could identify are from the wiring. That’s also isn’t noticeable or need to be concerned about. 

The charger’s build quality is excellent; no complaint about that. The main power line, which carries 12 volts for each battery, ground sensing, power bypass, and the optional LED indicators, can all be connected through the lugs. 

Lithium battery users can find it difficult to adjust with the modern functionality, although it’s a good relay battery charger. Another thing that may be worth mentioning to you and consider before buying this unit is that you can’t be wired manually to combine your batteries with this charger. 

Even though you are interested in combining the batteries manually, you have to purchase or attach a manual battery switch to do so. You can also use the ACR with a non-identical battery together. The charger will combine the batteries only when the remote switch is placed.


  • Reasonable Price.
  • Multiple ACRs Options.
  • Automatic Charging Relay.
  • Continuous Amp rating.


  • Lacks Modern Functionality.

Click here to buy this Blue Sea Systems (ACRs) boat battery charger at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#5.Minn Kota Precision On-Board Charger (6amp) review:

Another good product from the Minn Kota needs to be reviewed separately, even though we have mentioned it already. It comes with some advanced charging technologies, making it an excellent choice for anglers and boat owners. 

Minn Kota precision is half of the weight compared to the other onboard charger in the market. The charger can automatically compensate the temperature up and down. And also, multi-stage charging is automated too.

It’s a digital user-controlled, specific battery type has selectable bank like cranking battery and trolling motor battery. This charger also compensates voltage outlets. So, your battery won’t get over or undercharged with this charger on the run.

The charger is resistant to shock and water, a standard feature for most boat batteries. It also has an LED status display on battery charging and condition. 

Kota precision is a 12 volt with 3 bank battery charger. And each bank is distributed with 15 amp. However, precision charge provides consistent and fast charge in every condition. The charger performs a rigorous cleaning process every time you plugin. 

Consequently, you can select and charge different battery types on each individual bank. 

The charger comes with an AC plug holder that helps your plug safe, dry, and easily accessible. 

Minn Kota precision is also tested against corrosion and saltwater. So, you can use it on saltwater too. 

It weighs around 3 pounds and offers a 3-year warranty.


  • Single Bank Battery Charger. 
  • Digital User-Controlled.
  • Voltage and Temperature Adjustment.
  • Multi-Stage Charging.
  • 3 Year Warranty. 


  • None

Click here to buy this Minn Kota Precision On-Board Charger (6amp) at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#6.BMK BLUEMICKEY maintainer boat battery charger review:

The final product from our best boat battery charger’s choice is BMK 12 Volt 5 amp smart battery charger. This one is lightweight and can be used as an emergency boat battery charger. This charger also performs maintaining tasks of your battery. 

The charger can perform with any battery that is 15-100Ah. The input power is 100-240V AC and an output current of 5A DC. It can charge more than 100Ah. However, the charging time will increase slightly.

It has the function to avoid undercharge or overcharge. It also protects against voltage and temperature up and down. The charger has a four-stage charging system. That is a fully automatic smart battery charger. 

LED lights indicate the charging condition of the battery. It is a multi-purpose deep cycle battery charger. The charger is also compatible with different types of batteries. BMK bluemickey also acts as a battery maintainer for your boat battery.

The amperage is about 5 amps, and voltage is around 12 volts and wattage 60. It can also check whether your battery is out of service or not. Maintainer helps to improve your battery life and reduce the discharging rate.

The charger has a warranty and waterproof. It also prevents from any sparks and checks the connection, whether it’s correct. It has a 72-hour safety feature to protect against any sudden change in the environment.


  • Compatible With Different Battery Types. 
  • Smart Charger.
  • Battery Checkup.
  • Automatic Four-Stage Charging.
  • Charger and Maintainer.


  • It has no fuse on the lead wire.

Click here to buy this BMK BLUEMICKEY maintainer boat battery charger at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Things You Need to Consider While Choosing A Boat Battery Charger: A Buying Guide

The market offers several types and categories of the boat battery charger. Picking up the best one isn’t always straightforward. The different functions and features can make you puzzled. But if you follow some guidelines, it would be easy for you to pick the right one. 

Battery Voltage:

The first thing you need to consider before making the purchase is the voltage of your boat battery. The usual volt of a boat battery is 12 volt. But there are some batteries that are 24 volts. It could create a problem for you if you are charging a 12-volt battery with a 24-volt charger. 

If the voltage input is higher than the requirement or lower, it can hurt your battery performance and life. Normally, the voltage is always mentioned in a visible place. So, you shouldn’t face any problem finding. Otherwise, check the user manual to confirm it. 

Number of Banks:

Another crucial thing you need to consider to choose the perfect battery charger for you. The number of banks of the charger holds an essential point to find the best one. A 12V battery can be mounted on the boat with the presence of adequate banks.

If the charger has 3 banks, you can charge up a 12-volt cranking battery and a 24-volt trolling motor. So, the number bank in the charger can help you pick the desired charger. 

Type of Battery:

There are several types of batteries available in the market. Some are AGM, gel, acid, etc., and not all the charger can juice up fine a lithium battery. Or the advanced option of a lithium battery may not be suitable with a particular charger. 

Each battery type requires a different charging system and charger. However, these days the charger manufacturer adapted excellently to the change. Most of the chargers are compatible with the usual battery types in the market.  

However, some may don’t have adjustable compatibility. So make sure your charger is compatible with your battery type. It is vital to choose the battery charger. 

Water/ Shock/ Corrosion Resistance:

Some common features a boat battery should have are- it needs to be water-resistant. As you are looking for a boat battery charger, it’s a general and essential requirement from a boat battery charger. 

If you are a saltwater angler or traveler, the charger should also be resistant to saltwater as well. 

Water can create spark or shock while handling them. So, it is better to have a charger with shock and spark resistance. Personally, I am kind of afraid of the spark. So I always check this feature before buying one.  

Since an on-board charger has to spend a long time outside and has gone through some rough weather, a corrosion-resistant charger is the right choice for a boat battery. 

Recovery Time:

Recovery time is another factor you should look for while choosing a boat battery charger, if you are a frequent user, or use the boat on a daily basis. Recovery time is the required amount of time a charger needs to recharge a battery fully after drained. 

A faster recovery charger can juice up the battery fully within 3-5 hours. In contrast, a slower recovery charger can take around 10-12 hours to recharge the batteries. So, this is another thing you need to look for in a boat battery charger. 

Traditional or Smart Charger:

Smart chargers have several options that are very helpful to understand and operate. A smart charger can perform multiple tasks on its own without any manual support. 

A smart charger also can monitor and maintain the battery condition and charge or discharge according to the needs. It can adjust with the voltage and temperature up and down. So, if you are not an expert with battery charging, you should buy a smart charger for your boat battery. 

Size and Budget:

The size of the charger could be crucial if your charger has to mount on the boat. The required space may be unavailable if the charger is bigger. 

Consequently, the price is obviously a significant factor while choosing a boat battery charger. Depending on your budget, you can select a charger of different types of features. A limited budget can hold you to select from lower quality or with lesser features charger. 

Portable or Onboard:

Another factor you may consider to choose the best boat battery charger for you is- whether you need a portable or onboard charger. On a larger boat with multiple batteries, you should look for an onboard battery charger.

However, if your boat is smaller one, and doesn’t have much space, then you should look for a portable one. Also, a portable charger is easy to carry around.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will a boat battery stay charged?

Ans. It is highly dependent on the battery type and the way you store or use it. Without use, the boat battery will be stay charged for several weeks to around 3 months. Also, the way you keep the battery can have an impact on the battery discharge. 

Batteries will last longer if you store them in a dry and cooler place as the batteries are chemical reactions. For example, with the 80 degrees temperature, around 4-5% self-discharge can happen in a week for a lead-acid battery.

Can you overcharge a boat battery?

Ans. As we have talked about several times about this one, our recommended chargers help you to prevent from overcharging your boat battery. Some smart chargers will stop juicing up after reaching a certain level. 

So, yes, you can overcharge a boat battery. And it is equally harmful to the battery as undercharging. Hence monitor the charging.

Can you jump a boat battery?

Ans. Definitely, you can jump-start a boat battery. You can use a car or other methods to help fire up your marine battery. It shouldn’t be a problem. Deep cycle batteries can easily jump like any other 12 volt batteries.

Does a boat battery charge while running?

Ans. Boat batteries can get charged while resting. However, that isn’t enough to fully charge the battery until the engine revs up or running the boat at the usual speed. So, the boat batteries get charged at both idling and running conditions.

Final Thought:

Finding the best boat battery charger isn’t either easy or complicated. You need to look for some standard features and performance to identify the best one for you. Your battery type, boat size, and many other issues needed to be considered before making the buying decision. 

You should look for a charger with smart charging and auto maintaining features with other essentials for a starter. 

We tried our best to give you the best possible choices you have in the market. Now do some research on your own using our buying guideline, then pick the right one for your boat. 

Another point to remember before buying the charger is the given product warranty. If you can apply all of the guidelines, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find the best one. 

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