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Boat trailer guides help you to load and unload the boat easily from the trailer. And also help with backing the trailer into the water. Trailer guides protect your boat from breaking because of careless handling during an outing.

They also prevent from wear and tear down or getting scratch on the sides of your boat. Consequently, if you move with your boat during the night, adding light to the boat trailer guides can help you from having an accident.

Setting up the trailer guides is easy and simple. You can purchase them online or make one by yourselves with few bucks. In today’s article, we will talk about how to make boat trailer guides easily and also how to set up a purchased one from the marke

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How to Make Boat Trailer Guides:

There are multiple ways you can make your boat trailer guide. We will talk about at least two of them. The first one is PVC (DIY) made trailer guide. The second one is setting up an online brought guide, the way you should prepare the guides.

How to Make PVC Boat Trailer Guides?

Making your own boat trailer guides using PVC is super easy and fun. It will take only around 30-40 minutes to complete. Here is how you do it-

Things You Will Need:

  • 2 Pieces of PVC.
  • PVC Cap.
  • Drill Machine.
  • U-Bolts.
  • Washer Locks.
  • Nut.
  • Tape Measure.
  • Marker Pen.
  • Hand Saw Machine.
  • Small Wood Pieces for Bunking.
  • Post-Light Kit (Not Mandatory)

Take the Boat and Trailer Measurement:

The first thing you will need to do is taking the actual measurement on-how big will be your trailer guides. A usual middle type boat and trailer should be covered with around 5 feet or a little longer. However, it’ll vary depending on your boat and trailer height.

Cut the PVC as Your Required Size:

Then, use the hand saw to cut down the PVCs according to your requirement. For me, I always keep some extra length for safety. If I made any mistakes, then it is easy to cover with the extra distance. But it is not the best choice for all the time.

Mark the Bolt Insert Points:

Next, use the measuring tape to pinpoint the bolt insert points on the PVC. I also use the bolt itself to prevent from making any mistakes. Choose the point by leaving some PVC below the bolt joint. For me, I left around 5 inches for the first hole.

Also, your bolts can be either U-shape or middle V-shape. So, it’s better to use the bolt itself to identify the hole points. Then, use the marker pen to mark the hole points that needed to be drilled.

Use the Drill to Create Holes on PVC:

Use The Drill To Create Holes On PVC

After that, it’s time for some drilling. I love to drill, LOL. Sorry for the unnecessary talk. Use the drill machine to create holes in your marking points. You have to be a little careful here. The holes are two ended. So, make sure they are in the middle.
Also, if you are planning to use trailer guide lights, make holes for their setup too.

Set The Light on PVCs (Not Mandatory):

If you drive with your boat during the night or load and unload during the night, you will need a post guide. Boat trailer guide lights will help you to avoid any mistakes or accidents during the night.

Personally, for me, I prefer light always because I happen to drive with my boat after sundown a lot.

Here’s our recommended light you can use. This one is submersible. So, it happens to be accidentally your trailer goes into the water, it won’t hurt your light. Also, it is very easy to setup.

Put the PVC Cap:

Use your PVC cap to cover the ends. Normally covering the upside should be enough. But having cover even below can prevent the inside of PVC from getting all muddy and dusty.
I recommend using them on both ends. It is straightforward to clean and wash-off with them on.After completing all the initial steps,your boat trailer should look like this.

put the PVC cap

Place the PVC on the Trailer:

Now, you have to set the PVCs on the trailer rod. After setting the PVC and bolt, use the washer and nuts to tighten up. Remember to keep them a little loose. Keep some extra length below the trailer rod.

PLace the PVC on Trailer

Before going to the next step, check again everything is alright or needs some adjustment. If required, perform those.

Use the Wood Pieces as Bunk:

The small wood pieces put them in between the boat trailer rod. Why you need them? Whenever you are using the trailer to load-unload your boat, it may create pressure directly on the bolts and PVC.

Use Wood Pieces as Bunk

At least a 4-5 inches gap is required between the boat and the trailer guide. These wood bunks will help you to create that gap and also will work as support

Online Bought Trailer Guides:

Setting up an online bought boat trailer guide is easy and simple. Follow their instructions, which come with the product. If you’re not up to making one for yourself by using PVC, you can always have one from the local store or online.

For your convenience, we have provided the products which we think are the best in the market.

This one is very sturdy and solid looking. And also one of the best in the market. However, it doesn’t have pre-installed light with it. So, if you want a light too, you have to purchase one. You can use our recommended light or can pick one by yourself.
This one another good choice if you are looking for boat trailer guides with pre-installed light.

Frequently Asked Questions (F. A. Qs)

Do boat trailer guides work?

Of course, they do. A boat trailer helps you to prevent from damaging your boat’s bottom. Having them makes it easy to load and unload during the day or night. If you are driving with the boat trailer during the night, the trailer guide with lights can help you prevent any accident.So, it is a very useful and supportive kit for a boat owner.

How tall should boat trailer guides be?

It depends on your boat size and preference. According to the experts and for me, boat trailer guides should have enough length which can be easily visible from the driving seat. And also, you can keep track during the loading and unloading process.
Mine is 5.5 inches tall. So, just pick your size according to your requirement.

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Final Thought:

After reading this article, now you should know- how to make boat trailer guides using PVC. You can setup trailer guide lights for further improvement. Both are helpful and become necessary sometimes.

Try to make yourself with PVC or wood pieces or anything you prefer to work with if you can’t complete the process. Then, you can go for online or offline purchases. You can always use our well researched recommended products or choose one by yourself.
Well, that’s all folk for today. Until the next time, stay healthy and safe and happy outing.

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