Best Marine Radio With Bluetooth

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Are you planning a party on your boat? Why not have a good stereo system in place? Undoubtedly, you need a marine radio for this as they are the right accessory for your boat. Why so? Let us find out.

For this, you will have to look for the best marine radio with Bluetooth that will take care of it all. What makes these radios different than the normal ones? To be honest, most of these water-resistant, UV ray-resistant, and fog proof. Well, we will discuss all that in detail in this post later.

As of now, let us have a heart to heart conversation about the best marine speakers. We have mentioned a few names that we have found to be really cool. Yes, we have used them, along with our friends and family. Just read our experience and then decide which one you choose.  

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Top 7 Marine Radio With Bluetooth: (Comparison Table)





Cobra 25LTD Professional Emergency Radio

01. Cobra 25LTD Professional Emergency Radio

Has A Heavy-Duty Mic

BOSS MGR350B Marine bluetooth digital FM radio

02.  BOSS MGR350B Marine bluetooth Digital FM Radio

3 Years Warranty

JENSEN MPR210 7 character LCD bluetooth radio

03. JENSEN MPR210 7 Character LCD Bluetooth Radio

High Resolution Of 7 Character

BOSS Weatherproof bluetooth Marine Stereo Package

04. BOSS Weatherproof bluetooth Marine Stereo Package

Is Light In Weight

05. Alpine UTE-73BT Advanced Bluetooth Receiver

Miss Call Display Options

Pyle marine 4.0 wireless bluetooth speakers

06. Pyle Marine 4.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 

Very Affordable Speakers

BOSS audio systems BRT26A UTV bluetooth speakers

07. BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Bluetooth Speakers 

A Lightweight Product

Review Of The Best Marine Radio With Bluetooth

Finding the best marine radio and speakers was not that difficult, but what made it challenging was the number of options we got. We wanted to make sure that you do not suffer as we did initially, which is why we dedicated this to post to marine speakers.

Have a look at a list that has our sweat, blood, and familiarity:

#1. Cobra 25LTD professional emergency radio review:

Cobra remains to be the top choice in this space ever since 1951. Now, this was popular with professional truck drivers and has today evolved into being one of the best marine radio with Bluetooth. Can you even imagine the development?

The 29LTD has the classic design that seems to be straight out of a 70’s movie. This has actually stood the challenges of time and has undergone changes as per the recommendations of professional drivers. That certainly is something to look forward to.

A Briefing

  • Chrome knobs with a silver faceplate
  • Nine Foot long microphone cord helps you reach other places and talk at the same time
  • Rich radio experience with Standing Wave Ratio or SWR
  • This facilitates calibration that improves the reception
  • Can locate emergency services instantly
  • RF switch can diminishes the background noise

Why Is This A Chosen One?


Cobra has made quality and reliability to be their standard. Believe us when we say that their products are feature-rich. With years of service and eminent products, Cobra does not need to prove itself.


It has a microphone that is loud and clear. Has Bluetooth connectivity and is very easy to install. All this makes it a product in demand. In addition, to the great reception and a sleek body, it considered to be a good buy.

Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)

Now, this configuration helps you get the most out of your radio system. In case, the system goes down, you will be alerted right away. You get an instant channel 9 button for emergencies, which makes your life easy.

Things We Like

  • Easy to read LCD
  • Uses cutting edge technology
  • You get 40 radio channels
  • Has a heavy-duty mic
  • Comes with a Dynamike Boost that ensures voice clarity

Things We Don’t Like

  • Lacks a talkback feature
  • Need to adjust the internal antenna

Click here to buy this cobra 25LTD professional radio at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#2. Boss MGR350B Marine bluetooth digital FM radio review:

BOSS MGR350B is an ideal audio solution for any sailor. It can cancel that lapping water noise that spoils your favorite song while navigating. This is why BOSS happens to be one of the best marine audio brands.

Just like a sony marine stereo, BOSS has ensured that it produces high-grade speakers. Want to know more? Then read on.

A Briefing

  • Has the latest weatherproof technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it a smart device
  • Hence, can be operated wirelessly
  • The EQ preset gives you access to a vast library of audio files
  • You can even team it up with a sub-woofer to enrich the experience

Why Is This A Chosen One?


BOSS produces quality products and this is one of them. We are proud owners of a couple of these systems, which is why we can vouch for it. Speaking of which reminds us to mention that the speakers and radio both are fully waterproof. They can sustain any extreme weather condition and protect it against harmful UV rays too.

Switchable Tuner

This must be called a magic tuner that practically can transmit all kinds of messages in Europe and North America. That is true and this certainly explains, what makes BOSS what it is.


It comes with quality speakers that can provide you with seamless music. Additionally, it gets connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which makes the experience quite vivid.

Things We Like

  • Investment in a name brand
  • The MGR350B is pretty light in weight
  • It can broadcast messages with a maximum of 64 letters with the help of RDS Tuner
  • Can charge other devices through its USB port with a built-in 1 A charger
  • Is waterproof and has a rating of IPX6 and fully marinized
  • Backed by 3 years of a platinum warranty, if procured online from (only as of now)

Things We Don’t Like

  • Okay it may sound funny, but indeed, it is not compatible with DVD and CD
  • The warranty is limited

Click here to buy this BOSS MGR350B Marine Bluetooth Digital FM Radio at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#3. JENSEN MPR210 7 character LCD bluetooth radio Review:

Jensen mobile audio was founded in 1915 by Peter Jensen. He and his partner Edwin Pridham had just invented the loudspeaker by this time. They named it “Magnavox” and officially launched the Jensen Radio Manufacturing way back in 1925. Ever since then they have been pioneers in car audio manufacturing, amplifiers, and video technology.

This indicates that a device like the JENSEN MPR210 7 is a representation of this experience. There is one more thing that makes it a great device and that is its reasonable pricing. The quality that you get at this price is totally unimaginable.

A Briefing

  • Has a slim body, which makes mounting easy
  • Comes with a push-to-talk button
  • Has a smartphone app that makes it easy to connect to Bluetooth
  • You can also sync it with Google Assistant and Siri for convenience

Why Is This A Chosen One?


As mentioned, it has a low profile that you can install in an effortless manner. The body is 2.3 inches or 60 mm only. This undoubtedly makes it an uncomplicated device to work with.


If you want to stream music, receive and make calls then you need it to pair with Bluetooth. Also, you must bear in mind if you want to connect other gadgets to it, then you have to use Bluetooth technology. Moreover, BT technology has been upgraded in this radio with DIN. This certainly renders it a smart device.

J-Link Smart Remote App

Now, this application makes your life convenient. You can download this app from your Android and Apple stores for free. This enables you to change channels, songs, adjust volume, mode, and more. This way you can tune into your favorite music and keep sailing or entertaining your guests expediently.

Besides, the Voice Activation Button helps you talk without using your hands. Doesn’t that sound great? This is a practical solution to your marine audio needs for sure.

Things We Like

  • Has a high resolution of 7 character
  • This suggests that the LCD can be read without difficulty
  • Works with MP3 and can tune into FM channels as well
  • You can get firmware updates by simply logging into Jensen’s official site
  • Is defended with a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase is executed

Things We Don’t Like

  • The blue light is bright at night

Click here to buy this JENSEN MPR210 7 Character LCD Bluetooth Radio at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#4. BOSS weatherproof bluetooth marine stereo package review:

BOSS has been designing audio and video products for the past 32 years. They call them “audiophiles” and that is true because they have revolutionized the way the world used to think of radio systems. Their state of the art technology to manufacture products like speakers, amplifiers, sub-woofers, and more have proven to be the boss of the audio manufacturing industry.

The BOSS Audio MCKGB350B.6 is a full range of marine speaker that is well protected by UV coating. BOSS ensures that there is no compromise with the sound quality while maneuvering.

A Briefing

  • Bluetooth technology helps in wireless connectivity
  • Can tune into AM and FM stations
  • Comes with a tuner – NOAA weather band
  • Two round speakers of 6.5 inches

Why Is This A Chosen One?


The round design facilitates better circulation of sound waves in comparison to the regular rectangular ones. This shows that the sound does not get stuck to the corners but keeps moving all along. This points to an enriching experience that you will not forget.


It comes with a rubber surround and is coated with poly carbon. This makes it a weatherproof device that will not let you down anytime. This points out that you could be sailing, fishing, or partying on your yacht, you have a BOSS stereo to take care of your needs.


BOSS has this 3 years of warranty that happens to be a game-changer. This is a platinum warranty for those that procure their products from This most definitely takes the cake away.

Things We Like

  • Good looking round-shaped speakers
  • USB ports allow you to connect with MP3 devices and listen to music of your choice
  • Is light in weight
  • You can even add sub-woofers to add to it
  • Can fit into any set-up
  • Waterproof with IPX6 Rating

Things We Don’t Like

  • The push buttons may get a bit delicate

Click here to buy thisBOSS Weatherproof bluetooth Marine Stereo Package at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#5. Alpine UTE-73BT advanced Bluetooth Receiver review:

Alpine was established in 1978 and ever since then, they have become a forerunner as a car electronic equipment manufacturer and computer components builder. Their products are at par with industry standards.

Correspondingly, the Alpine UTE-73BT happens to be a fine marine stereo. With advanced BT technology, the whole radio thing has changed and Alpine seems to have gone beyond that. Let us find out how.

A Briefing

  • Works with Pandora making connecting to your playlist seamless
  • Has RGB illumination
  • Signatory knob from Alpine makes control a breeze
  • Bluetooth technology enables hands-free calling
  • Comes with Android Android Open Accessory (AOA 2.0) that assures clarity of sound

Why Is This A Chosen One?


Alpine UTE-73BT is a mech-less device, which means it has no moving parts as such. However, with Bluetooth tuning into AM/FM and listening to music has become much easier. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android, so you have nothing to worry.


With Alpine, expect the exceptional sound your ears merit. This head unit permits you to modify your requirements. The UTE-73BT utilizes a 24-Bit DAC for boundless sound and the EQ has a 3-band parametric. The crossover permits you to tweak your sound framework. The UTE-73BT can replay Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) records by using new age USB! This definitely adds a more precise listening experience.

RBDS Information

It has RBDS Information, which means the name of the song, artist, and station will be displayed. Doesn’t that sound great?

Things We Like

  • Also has call waiting and miss call display options
  • You also get a steering wheel remote and wireless remote with this set
  • Has a built-in amplifier
  • Compatible with MP3 and WMA

Things We Don’t Like

  • Phone calls may be choppy at times (depending on your location)

Click here to buy this alpine UTE-73BT advanced bluetooth receiver at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#6. Pyle Marine 4.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review:

So, you haven’t been able to get your hands on a great sound system for your boat. Then look at this marine unit from Pyle. It is shockingly ground-breaking, a power pact, and very economic.

Additionally, we must state that it is a Bluetooth ready contraption. More or less, it can be connected to iPhone or Android gadgets with this technology in an unfussy way. USB, SD, and AUX plugs are direct and RCA pre-outs are in the back.

A Briefing

  • 0 Bluetooth connectivity allows you a wider range of 30+feet range
  • Brings an LED remote control
  • Has IP44 grade rating
  • It has a heavy-duty construction that is ready to take on any kind of terrain

Why Is This A Chosen One?


This sound system is uncomplicated and therefore quite easy to install. It can be fixed much like a car audio system. Yes, it is that simple, and the quality of sound will make you contented. This is a typical plug and play system that is a must-have for any boat.

It brings value to your boat audio system and this is why it has been named in this list of the best marine radio with Bluetooth.


The ‘Tube’ Design enables it to be mounted on any vehicle with ease. The roundish shape of the speakers encourages a better flow of sound waves. This illustrates that the sound doesn’t stall out to the corners and continues to move around.

It gives you maximum sound projection owing to this design. This adds to the quality of the sound and the 6.5 inches speakers make it worth every penny you spend.


The poly injection cone and the dome diaphragms made from titanium show signs of smart engineering. This makes it an ideal install for golf carts, boats, ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles.

Things We Like

  • 12 Volt wiring helps you to connect it anywhere
  • Very affordable speakers
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant

Things We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with a certified water-resistance program

Click here to buy this pyle marine 4.0 wireless bluetooth speakers at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#7. BOSS audio systems BRT26A UTV bluetooth speakers review:

BOSS is a market leader in audio manufacturing and with 32 years of work in this field, they surely are the boss of things. They call them “audiophiles” and that makes sense because of the work they put into it.

They have reformed the way audio systems on the whole. Their cutting edge technology to make items like subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, and have demonstrated to be of superior class.

A Briefing

  • A weatherproof device that comes with anti-UV rays coating
  • Has a sleek body that is easy to install
  • USB audio jacks help you to charge your smart devices
  • Has adjustable clamps to fit into UTV, ATV, boats, and more

Why Is This A Chosen One?


The BOSS Audio BRT26A is compatible with almost any 12 Volts power source. You just need to plug and play it. Has a smart design with 27 inches of a bar that comes with 4 speakers. It also has a built-in amplifier that enhance the sound experience for you.


Bluetooth connectivity enables you to manage all devices. It becomes a wireless source of entertainment and there is remote control that you can use accordingly. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


BOSS allows 3 years of guarantee that turns out to be a distinct advantage. This is a platinum guarantee for those that get their items from That is some authenticity that most products lack in this range.

Things We Like

  • This is a waterproof gadget that is backed by IPX5 rating
  • This signifies that it is fully marinized
  • Is very affordable
  • A lightweight product

Things We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with long cords, which may be a hindrance for some while installing

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What To Seek In The Best Marine Radio And Speakers?

There are quite a few things that you must bear in mind while shopping for the best marine radio with Bluetooth. The first thing would be to try to find some specific features in them. Things like weatherproof, waterproof, and UV rays-resistant. Besides, there are a few more things that you should focus on, like:

  • Connectivity

It must also have numerous aux connections and USB ports. Must have Bluetooth connectivity that must allow you to answer calls without taking your hands off the steering.

  • Controls

If possible go for a set that has remote control facility. This will aid you while changing channels or tuning into songs of your choice. This certainly brings you convenience and your guests can also enjoy the same while sailing.

  • Power

Make sure that the device that holds your interest must have high power. It is a must-have for marine stereos, as most receivers have 4-way amplifiers that are built into them. This denotes that the acoustics should have pleasing aesthetics.

  • Install

Must be easy to install as that will take the load off you. There is no need to run helter-skelter while installing a device. Hence, opting for something simple may be judicious in cases like these.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is the difference between a marine radio and a car radio?

Ans. The main difference between a car stereo and a Marine stereo is that of a conformal coating. That is correct, this coating is applied on the circuit board that keeps it protected from weather elements. This coating ensures that your marine radio does not get corroded easily.

The point is you don’t want to get a stereo that gets fried easily in waters. A quality marine stereo Bluetooth will ensure that:

  • The chassis is sealed
  • Has bigger face panel, which should again be protected
  • Manufacturer must have non-corrosive components
  • Buttons must be covered by membranes

It has been observed that a fusion marine stereo offers you maximum protection for HU.

02. How do I choose a marine radio?

Ans. There are three essential things that you should consider while procuring the best marine radio and speakers and they are:

  • UV resistant

Sun damage can cause a ruckus in your marine gadgets. This is why you should make sure that the products you select for your boat must be UV rays resistant.

  • Water resistance

Water-resistant products can withstand a bit of light rain and water splashing. However, they cannot be submerged. Again, waterproof devices can be submerged and will not cause any damages. Now, it is for you to decide, which one is more suitable for your kind of boating.

  • Anti-corrosive

See, many a time, marine gear has to endure salt water, which is why you must go for gadgets that come with anti-corrosion protection.

As mentioned above, circuit boards, chassis parts, and connections are often coated with chemicals that avoid corrosion.

Start making a list of waterproof marine stereo or just fall back on this list we made for you. Simple!

03. What should I look for in a marine radio?

Ans. If you are in the hunt for the best marine radio vhf, then we would suggest that you make a budget. Price happens to be the most important aspect of buying a product and this marine VHF is no exception to it. Fixing a price will help you weed out a few possibilities as well.

Then you may also take these pointers into consideration while obtaining a marine VHF:

  • If the product has a noise cancellation facility
  • Battery life must be long for those busy days at the sea and for this, you must invest in a lithium-ion set
  • Power consumption must be at least 5 Watts in handheld devices as that will provide you with a steady communication system
  • Warranty of the product must also be kept an eye on, as this will provide you with

04. How do you connect marine Sound Bluetooth?

Ans. This is no brainer as marine stereos get paired with Bluetooth the same way other devices do. Just make sure that the radio is turned on while pairing it with BT. Also, you must read the user manual once as that will relieve you of all the confusion.

Start by:

  • Keep the device in a discoverable mode like you will do with a fusion marine radio
  • Now run a search in BT and as it finishes seeking
  • By this time the BT will show the name of your device
  • Hit the button
  • Use a password to protect this connection

Booyah! Pairing is done, man. That easy.

Our Verdict

If truth be told, then we have to show our like towards BOSS MGR350B and BOSS weatherproof marine. The biggest reason being both are weatherproof and that earns them the title of the best marine radio with Bluetooth.

Yes, sailors we constantly pay attention to water-resistant and waterproof accessories. In this case, the two are IPX6 compliant. These products have won over us with years of service and quality of audio. Oh, don’t forget the Boss warranty of 3 years! Oh, boy that steals the deal without a doubt.

What is your take on these products? Let us know via the comments section. Till then, have a good day.

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