How To Keep Boat Batteries Charged

A boat’s dead battery in the middle of a lake could be a real party breaker. This is the worst thing you could hope for during a boat journey. Believe me; I have been there. I know how painful it is. And if it happens to you with your children on board, then it’s a nightmare.

Sometimes a dead battery can cause out of the blue where you don’t have anything to about it, except bear the situation. However, with some regular maintenance and checkup, you can reduce the probability of facing a dead battery during an outing.  

Consequently, some activities can help you keep your boat batteries charged longer than others. Yes, you can’t always predict the problem. But you can minimize the chance of facing it. 

In today’s article, we’ll discuss on – how to keep boat batteries charged, some maintenance guidance, and how to bring out the best service from a boat battery. If you’re interested in these topics, then stay with us till the end. You won’t be disappointed.

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How to Keep Boat Batteries Charged

Did you saw the movies or read stories where the car/ship/boat owners talk with the machine and create something like bonding! Who said real life couldn’t be the same! Not the talking part, but you can understand the nature and behavior habit of it by close monitoring and maintenance.

Let me give you another example to help you understand what I am trying to say here. Ever be in a situation like- no matter how much you tried, you didn’t start the car or bike. But when the owner kicks in, he or she can start in with the first try. Every machine has its nature. You need to understand that.

And how you’ll understand their behavior or language! By closely observing them and spending some time with them. Whatever, that’s enough for adjacent talk. Let’s talk about how you can keep batteries charged and make them last longer.

Maintain and Monitor the Battery:

Most of the batteries die early or lose their power because of wrong handling and maintenance. If you want to keep your battery stay alive for long and perform better, you have to take care of them.

The usual battery life is around 3-4 years. But if you can maintain can monitor carefully, it can extend its life up to 8-10 years.

So, if you want yours to perform like a new one even after 4-5 years of service, you have to monitor the battery charge condition always. Use 12-13V range voltmeters to measure the battery’s state of charge. It should indicate like these-

  • Battery Full- 12.9-13.2V
  • Battery with 75% Charge- 12.6V
  • Battery with 50% Charge- 12.2V
  • Battery with 20% Charge- 12.0V
  • A Flat Battery- 11.8V

You can also use a digital multimeter to check up on the remaining charge of your battery has.

Monitoring Battery health is another crucial factor for understanding the battery’s condition. A simple voltage meter or a standard battery health monitor can’t predict a battery’s useful lifespan.

A new battery will charge fast than an older one. And also, the discharging rate can tell you about the condition your batteries are in. Usually, 50Ah should come out from a constant 2.5A load for around 20 hours of the run.

So, these will help you to keep your boat batteries charged! By monitoring this condition, you will know when to charge the battery and when you may need some service done on it.  

Keep the batteries clean and store them in a cool, dry place during the offseason.

Charge Properly:

As from the above table, you will know when to charge the battery.  The first 80% will charge faster than the final 20%.  Never let your battery dry out. It will kill your battery more quickly. Always put on charging before coming down to the last 20%.  

The best way to run the battery is 20-80%. Some experts don’t recommend running with less than 50% regularly.

charge properly | How To Keep Boat Batteries Charged

However, you may face a battery with no power even after charging; then, it’s time to buy a new one for your boat. But don’t run with less than twenty percent power remaining.

Even in the winter, when you don’t use the battery, put them on charge occasionally.

Use Good and Original Charger:

Another battery killer is the charger. A charger can give your battery the longest as well as the shortest life. Using the right charger helps the battery charged faster and stay healthy. This is applicable for all sorts of batteries like- mobile, generator, or any other.

Suppose a battery that needs a 13.5V charger. And you are charging it with 12V or with 15V. Both are harmful to the battery.  So, avoid using a cheap charger.

You can also use an alternate smart charger. This can help you keep your batteries healthy fine. A smart charging regulator impedes the dropping charge rate, which you can face from using a regular charger.

Add a Solar Panel:

A 50-100W solar panel can keep your battery charged even during an outing. Although, you will require a controller or regulator to prevent overcharging. The price is continuously decreasing for a solar panel. And some are coming with a good warranty.

Using a solar panel isn’t costly and an efficient way to keep your batteries charged and healthy for a more extended period, even on the water.

This is also the answer or solution to – how to keep boat batteries charged on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Your Boat Batteries Last Longer?

There is nothing you can do form keeping a battery dying. But with some activities, you can help it last longer. Here’s some advice on how you could keep them last longer-

  • Proper maintenance and monitoring.
  • Using a smart Charger.
  • Keep track of our power requirements.
  • Minimize the power consumption.
  • Using wind turbine/solar panel/hydro generator.

How often should I charge my boat battery?

Depending on your battery power and its quality, on average, every 25-30 days. Acid battery stays healthy with fully charged.

But the time for how often you should charge a boat battery will vary from type to type. Don’t get upset about that. Your battery should come with the proper instructions.

Final Thought:

We have talked about what and how to keep your boat batteries charged and last for a longer time through the article. Proper care and maintenance can help your battery hold charge for an extended period.

Always use the original and good charger to charge the battery. Track the charge state and put them in charge timely. Avoid running the battery on lower charge condition. You can also use a solar panel, hydro generator, or a wind turbine to keep your battery charged.

Keep them clean and store them in a cool, dry place. If you follow these instructions, your battery should hold the charge more than ever.

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