Best Budget Fish Finder

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You do not have to empty your bank account because you want to get a fish finder. There is some best budget fish finder out there you can opt for that can perform excellently beyond one’s expectation.

The challenge has always been the ability to recognize the best from the list in the market. Do you need a fish finder?

Sometimes your performance with fish hunting goes beyond your skills and experience, as you need the right tools. Especially if you are a novice and you are just learning how to hunt, you need a fish finder to help you perform excellently.

The device is a resourceful one that saves you time and energy of looking around for fishes when you can just locate them with a simple device.

With thousands of portable fish finder out there in the market, it can be hard to make the right choice. So, we have the right lists of fish finder you should consider below.

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Top 8 Best budget fish finder: (Comparison Table)





Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker Fish Finder

01. Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker Fish Finder


Lucky Handheld Portable Fish Finder

02. Lucky Handheld Portable Fish Finder 

4 AAA batteries

EYOYO Portable Waterproof Fish Finder

03. EYOYO Portable Waterproof Fish Finder

Removable sun visor

Venterior Handheld Portable Fish Finder

04. Venterior Handheld Portable Fish Finder

Neck strap

Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder

05. Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder

Built-in mapping design

Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX Fish Finder

06. Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX Fish Finder

Digital chirp

HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

07. HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

Fish Depth Scale

RICANK Portable Fish Finder

08. RICANK Portable Fish Finder

Sonar sensor

Review Of The Best Budget Fish Finder

#1.Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker Fish Finder review:

With lots of Garmin fish finder reviews online, one can end up making the wrong choice. However, Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 fish Finder is clear proof that you can’t make the wrong decision. It is the type of fish finder that comes with a traditional chirp transducer. You’ve got a good fish finder for all your fishing outing. 

It possesses clear VU scanning sonar, which gives you a clearer view of all that goes on beneath your boat. The sonar has a high frequency that makes it give a photographic image with detailed information of the object or fish you are viewing. Also, this Garmin striker plus 4 with dual-beam comes in handy and is user-friendly.

The operational system of the device is simple, and so it is very easy for anyone to operate. It has keyed interface with dedicated buttons for smooth operation. Also, the device is resistant to water, with a water rating of IPX7. 

With its design, you’ve got a waypoint map that you can use to view, mark and navigate locations. Also, the fish finder can go as far as 1600 feet for freshwater and 750 feet of saltwater. Also, the finder has a built-in flasher that makes the fish finder ideal for ice fishing or vertical jigging. 

If you are looking for some other types of Garmin fish finders, you might want to consider Garmin striker 4cv fishfinder, Garmin striker plus four fishfinders, or Garmin striker 7sv fishfinder. All of them have the features you will ever desire from a finder to perform greatly with fishing


  • Ultrascroll 
  • 50/77/200 kHz CHIRP traditional chirp
  • Dual-beam of 77/200 kHz sonar capable
  • Dual-frequency solar 50/200 kHz
  • Audible alarm
  • Real-time display

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#2.Lucky Handheld Portable Fish Finder review:

The lucky handheld portable fish finder is a versatile device that can be used both on the surface of the water or above the water. It is effective at detecting the compositions in the water such as the rocks, sand, plant, and many others and revealing them through the LCD display.

It helps in differentiating your view as you can easily tell what you are seeing is a fish or not. The portable fish finder has an alarm system that gives sound or alert to notify you of the movement of fishes whenever anyone moves within the range, the finder can notice them. 

The fish finder has about five modes of operation, which makes it highly sensitive for finding fishes. It can also work perfectly in different kinds of fishing environments. The detector range of the fish finder is around 45 degrees cone underwater, while the depth is 3ft to 328 ft below the fishing sonar transducer. 

The device works on a powerful battery that can last up to 4 to 6 hours of operation. However, it also has an open battery save mode, which helps you to prolong the battery lifespan whenever you are fishing. 


  • Blue LED backlighting
  • 1.81-inch diameter transducer sensor
  • 2inch TN/ANTI-UV LCD Display
  • Detect depth range of 3ft to 328.08ft under the sensor
  • 45 degrees beam angle in 200Khz sensor coverage range 
  • Sensor Operating Temperature
  • 25ft Cable Length
  • 4 AAA batteries

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#3.EYOYO Portable Waterproof Fish Finder review:

The EYOYO Portable waterproof fish finder is a dynamic device that you will find so difficult to overlook in the market. The fish finder is a product of top-quality material, and it boasts of great performance, which makes it garnered recognition among seasoned and beginner hunters. 

The fish finder is designed with good structure and has amazing features that make it stand-out among many others. It comes with seven different LCD color monitor. This monitor with seven color screen has 800 by 480 pixels and a removable sun visor, which you can use in bright environments. 

Also, it is equipped with 12 pieces of infrared LED lights that can be used with the device. This helps to ensure you see images clearly, and you can always remove them if you don’t need any of them. This underwater video fishing camera is very easy to use, and its operation is straightforward. 

For easy movement of the fish finder, it comes with a waterproof suitcase that is portable to handle. Also, regarding the operation of the fish finder, it has a lithium battery as its power source. The battery lasts up to 8 hours of working time when it is fully charged. 


  • Fully waterproof IP68 design
  • 7-inch infrared full silver fishing camera with high definition
  • 0-3m viewing distance
  • Removable sun visor
  • Color display screen
  • 12pcs infrared IR high-power lights

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#4.Venterior Handheld Portable Fish Finder review:

If you are on the lookout for a cheap and affordable fish finder, you don’t have to look too far. The venterior portable rechargeable fish finder will show you all that is in the depth of the water.

It is ideal for all kinds of fish as it can detect both small, medium, and big fish. Also, it can detect some other thing in the water and let you know what exactly you are seeing. 

If you are using this fish finder, take note that the finder can only be effective when your kayak or boat is moving below the speed of 5mph. To use the fish finder, you just need to toss the transducer into the water and then turn on the display unit. 

The portable design makes it easy for anyone to use and move from one place to another easily. Some features include the five user-selectable sensitivity, backlight mode, battery save mode, and it has an alarm system that keeps you informed once it detects fish movement. 

You’ve got to choose the finder above others because it has accurate depth reading with 200 kHz sonar frequency. Also, it has 45 degrees beam angle under the sonar transducer. It is powered through the use of 4 AAA batteries that can last for about 4 to 5 hours once fully charged. 


  • Fish Finder LCD Display
  • 25ft cable Sonar Sensor
  • Transducer float that is removable with a rubber stopper
  • Side-scan adapter
  • LED backlighting
  • Stainless bolt and wing nut
  • Neck strap
  • 45-degree sensor beam angle
  • Operation manual
  • 4 AAA batteries 
  • Depth range of 3ft to 328 ft as minimum and maximum

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#5.Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder review:

The Lowrance HOOK2 4X – 4-inch Fish Finder is one of the best for anglers as you can get it without having to regret your investment. The fish finder is very easy to use as you do not have to spend a longer time to figure out to use the device. It comes with a great design and has amazing features that make it unique.

The fish finder has a solar max display, which makes it easy for you to view fish clearly. The clarity and accuracy in showing you exactly what you see beneath your boat during daylight is a product of the high-resolution display. 

Also, the finder comes with a wider sonar coverage, which is double the coverage you get from a traditional fish finder. The package comes with a skimmer transducer that gives you a greater view of all that you see around you. 

Also, the finder has a built-in mapping, which makes it easy for you to easily find the depth of any water. It helps to keep you fully informed of all that you should expect from any fishing outing. 


  • Micro SD card to keep records
  • Built-in mapping design
  • Autotuning sonar setting
  • Solarmax display
  • Wider sonar coverage

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#6. Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX Fish finder review:

Humminbird is not new to seasoned fish hunters, and for those who care to have a fish finder with interest in any of her products, the Humminbird 410210-1 GPS G2 Fish finder is a perfect choice for you. The fish finder is one of the best you will find in the market that is effective with revealing all you need to see beneath the water. 

The fish finder has a down imaging design, which makes it a great choice for fishing all kinds of fish. It comes with digital chirp sonar that shows you what some other fish finder won’t show you. It is compatible with all kinds of lakes, and it has a system that helps to map your fishing spots. 

Also, it has a dual-beam that helps for precision and accuracy. It helps to show you fish and does that in full detail. With amazing features such as a real-time map of your fishing spots and many others, you’ve got yourself a great device.


  • 2D sonar
  • Dual-beam
  • Digital chirp
  • Built-in base map
  • Real-time map
  • 5-inch color screen display
  • Micro sd card slot
  • Internal GPS Chart plotting with built-in Anima cartography

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#7.HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder review:

The sensitivity of the hawkeye depth finder makes it boasts of close to 100 percent accuracy. It is the best and affordable fish finder for anglers that are looking for an easy-to-use device. It is smart in operation, and the design is stylish for anyone to overlook. Also, It commands a long lifespan as it is made from high-quality material. 

The finder is handy, and so it is so easy for anyone to hold. The finder delivers a precise reading of the activity beneath the water up to 240 feet. Also, you the VirtuView HD color display, which helps you to see things clearly, the way they are. For excellent readability, the LED backlight is there to make things visible.

Also, the finder has an indicator that tells you the kind of fish beneath your boat and the depth. Also, the finder has algorithmic software that helps in minimizing false readings, and it also helps you to know that a fish is under your boat through the audible loud alarm system.


  • VirtuView ICON Display
  • 200 kHz FishTrax Intelligent Sonar 
  • Fish Depth Scale
  • Bottom Composition Indicators.
  • Audible Fish Alarm system
  • VirtuView ICON Display

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#8.RICANK Portable Fish Finder review:

The RICANK Portable Fish Finder can easily reveal fishes and some other things in the water for you to avoid guessing. It thus helps by displaying the depth, tells you the location of the fish, the size, and things like plant, wood, sand, and rocks. 

It is ideal for all kinds of fishing, which is the reason it is considered for ice fishing, offshore fishing, lake fishing, and many more. Also, it has five modes of sensitivity options for you to have a wide range of operations. 

The fish finder operates on a powerful battery that can run as long as 5 hours once fully charged. The finder can go as long as detecting fish with a depth range of 3ft to 328 ft below the fishing sonar transducer. Furthermore, it comes cheap and affordable for you to acquire. 


  • Fishes and contour readout
  • Fish finder display
  • Sonar sensor
  • Transducer side can adapter
  • Stainless bolt and wing nut
  • Neck strap
  • Operational manual
  • 3ft to 328ft depth range

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Important things to consider when buying a fish finder

There are some things that you need to consider when buying a fish finder. They will help you understand the reason you should opt for a product above another.


In every fish finder, transducers are essential. This part of the fish funder cast out and receives sonar waves. The waves can’t be understood by anyone, but the signals will be recorded and transformed into photo data on display, which then allows you to read and understand easily.


Among those things that you need to consider is the usability of the fish finder. If you are using a fish finder that you find so hard to understand and operate, it will end up causing bad experiences with your performance. So, it is important that you consider a fish finder that you find so easy to handle and operate.

Color screens

Gone are the days when people use a white and black screen fish finder. It is on this screen that you get to see details of the fish you are viewing. But then, it seems so difficult to locate or be accurate with whatever you are seeing.

But now, with color screens, you can easily see the image and data clearly, thereby eliminating any form of guessing. It makes your view precise and accurate, which is most needed with hunting to perform excellently.

Fixed or portable fish finder

There are different types of fish finders in the market. There you have the fixed and the portable fish finder. The fixed is best for those who have their own kayak or boat and do not share with anyone. You can be sure you will always meet your fish finder in the state you left it after the last outing.

However, the best among the two is the portable fish finder. This gives you the platform to move from one place to another and never restrict you to one position when hunting for fishes. Also, you do not have to leave it on a kayak or boat as you can remove it to store somewhere safe after use.

Water resistance

Fishing has to do with getting into the water, and sometimes you need to get the fish finder close to the water. This is the reason you need to consider one with a water-resistant transducer.

You should check the water-resistance rating and ensure you opt for the one that can withstand splashes and immersion to come to considerate depth.

GPS capabilities

The market is filled with GPS finders that are equipped with no good GPS system, which is the reason you should be wary of your choice in the market. GPS allows you to download data and know some information about underwater topography.

Also, it allows you to easily connect your device with some others so you can view any fish stat from any of your mobile devices.

Brand and affordability

The next thing you need to consider is the brand and the affordability of the fish finder you need to consider. There are different brands out there in the production of fish finders. One of the best is Garmin with some others. The bottom line is that you should never opt for a product from a brand that you don’t know. 

Also, you should consider going for the products that won’t cause you to break the bank as some cheap and affordable products with greater quality are there in the market.

What are the types of fish finders?

There are different types of fish finders in the market, and you need to understand each to help you select the right one for you. 


This type of fish finder is super solid, efficient, and effective. It is the ideal choice for those who do lots of fish hunting on inland lakes. It has a great and close to a perfect display of whatever it covers around you during fishing. 


It is also known as broadband, and it has the ability to deliver great pulse length, thereby commanding close to 50 times vibration energy. The sound it produces thus travels and produces vibration, which goes through the water at different frequencies, thereby delivering images with clearer details. 

GPS combo

This type of fish finder has GPS, which helps with navigation. So apart from the fact that it helps to find fishes, it helps you to locate your way on the water.


The networked fish finder thus comes with bells and whistles. It is a wireless fish finder that comes with amazing features such as radar, GPS, video, and SiriusXM radio. It is a great tool for fishing. 

Icefish finder

 It is the type that makes use of flashers to reveal the things happening under the water. Also, some of them have the ability to show you real time view. So, if you are into ice fishing, it is a must-have tool for you.

Portable fish finder

You have the fixed or the portable fish finder. The best you should opt for a portable fish finder because of the ease of operation. However, portable fish finder thus has a mounting device, display unit, battery indicator unit, and transducer.

How to read a fish finder?

You won’t be on the lookout for a fish finder if you do not know what it is and what it is used for. However, you might have found the one you want from the list above, or you’ve got one, and you don’t know how to go about reading it. This information will help you on how to read the fish finder easily.

Identifying Fish

To boost your chance of catching fish, you need to be able to easily identify the fishes. There are different types of fishes in the water, and you can only know through the clear view of the underwater lifestyle. But with a friendly interface on the fish finder screen, you can easily see all that goes on beneath your boat when fishing. 

Fish Icons

It is important that you easily know exactly whatever you are seeing. There are different things in the water, such as the rock, flower, plant, and many more, that will look similar to a fish.

To eliminate all forms of guessing, you need to get yourself familiar with the fish icons. It will help you to easily distinguish between a fish, plant, or rock.

Fish Arches

The next is the fish arches, which is there to display the data as indicators from the transducer in the form of arches and lines. If you see a big line or big arches, it shows that there is a big fish beneath your boat, while a small line or arches shows the fish is small.

Analyzing Fish Size

You need to analyze the size of the fish, and you can do that through what you see on the screen. You can do that by checking the length, width of the arch, and the length to know the size of the fish. 

Fish arch length

Take note that a long arch doesn’t mean you’ve seen a big fish. Most people think once you’ve seen a big line, it shows you have a big fish, and oftentimes, the movement of the fish thus determines the line and arch you see. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best inexpensive fish finder?

There are many inexpensive fish finders out there in the market. However, on our lists above, the RICANK Portable Fish Finder is one of the affordable ones to consider.

Who makes the best fish finder?

Garmin and Humminbird are well-known brands with the production of a fish finder.

What is the best portable fish finder to buy?

The lucky handheld portable fish finder is the best portable fish finder you can find in both local and online stores.


Are you on a low budget and in need of a quality fish finder? This page on the best budget fish finder offers a lasting solution. We have the lists of products to consider with some vital information you need to choose the right fish finder as a seasoned or beginner angler. 

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