How To Make A Motor Mount For Inflatable Boat

Do you think paddling is a little tiring, or want to go faster with an inflatable boat? If so, then this article can help you.

As you know, most of the inflatable boats are designed to steer with strong paddles. So, if you’re planning to a distant location or in a tight place for fishing, using paddles could be a little challenging.

However, some inflatable boats come with predesign outboard motor design, where you can attach a motor. And some don’t have the motor settings. But still, you can prepare a customize trolling motor mount set up for an inflatable boat.

Mounting a moor to your inflatable boat will help you to enjoy faster and relaxing movement on the water. It’s not a complicated process. You have to spend some time and give a little dedication to perform this job. That’s all you’ll need.

Today we’ll discuss about- how to make a motor mount for inflatable boat. And some related topics, which will help you with choosing the right place to install the motor on an inflatable boat.

So, if you’re interested in our today’s topic-keep reading and share your opinion with us in the comment section, we love to hear from you. Well, without any more delay; let’s get started-

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Mount Types:

Before making a motor mount for the inflatable boat section, we need to discuss some basic knowledge, helpful for understanding where to put the motor on a boat. And the requirements you need to have.

If you already know these facts, please skip this section and jump into the main part below.

There are three types of trolling motors you can install on your boat. But all of them are suitable for inflatable boats. Three types of trolling motors are:

  • Transom Mounts
  • Bow Mounts
  • Engine Mounts

Each type has its own merits and demerits. According to your boat design and your personal preferences, you should try a particular one on your boat.

Now let’s talk about these three types in short for better understanding.

Transom Mounts:

Most inflatable boats are designed for transom mounts because of their easier installation and affordability. Also, most people are comfortable with controlling the boat from behind. As for me, same here.  

Transom Mounts | Outed Web

Transom mounts are more popular than any other mounting trolling motor mount method. You can easily attach the motor to the boat’s stern with a regular clamp. Most boat has predesigned space to hang the engine with the stern.

For smaller boats, the preferred choice is transom mounts. It’s easier to control and operate. With simple instruction, anyone can handle a transom mount inflatable boat. It also has some drawbacks too like- transom setup gives less precise control over the boat.

Bow Mounts:

If you’re serious about fishing. And go on a fishing journey with boat frequently, you know the popularity and advantage of bow mount motor for a medium or larger boat. It gives the most precise control than any other motor setup. The maneuverability and precision are exceptional in this.

Bow Mounts | Outed Web

But for a smaller inflatable boat, this isn’t suited.  A bow mount has a broader range and multiple control options that need space and is harder to install. Also, it’s an expensive setup than other motor mounts methods.

For a bow mount motor, the deck needs to be flatter and enough space for the setup. Three crucial things you need to make sure whether your boat is suited for bow mount-

  • Flat Surface.
  • Ample of Stow Room.
  • And enough space for other equipment.

That’s all; now check your boat if it’s compatible with bow mounting. If it’s, then why wait! Go for it.

Engine Motor Mounts:

Engine Mounts | Outed Web

The last one is as the name suggests. Mount the motor with cavitation plate of the preoccupied motor setup/outboard.  But this isn’t a much of choice for an inflatable boat. As you know, most of the inflatable boats don’t come with a motor

So, we won’t talk much about this here. Just mentioning the availability of different options you have.

How to Make a Motor Mount for Inflatable boat?

Before starting the process of the motor mount to your inflatable boat, you’ll need some tools and items according to your boat’s condition and design. Here are some tools you will/may need:

  • Screw Driver.
  • Drill Machine with bits of Drill.
  • Wrench with needles and pins.
  • Glue (depends on your setup)
  • Motor.
  • Other necessary tools for your Motor.
  • Mounting Kit.

Now, either your boat has a place for mounting trolling motor on the boat. Or it doesn’t have any space definite space for the setting. So, if your boat has a place to hang the motor with it, it’s easier for you. You can check the product, which can be easily set and remove from the boat.

So, what if your boat doesn’t have any pre-designed options to attach a trolling motor. What can you do! Don’t you worry, it’s very easy and straightforward. There are alternatives methods with which you can attach your motor without too much complicacy.  

You just buy this product from online or offline and glued the corners where you want to set up the motor. Please check the bellow products for use as a motor mounting kit-Engine Mount Boat Motor Stand Holder Kit Inflatable and Mounting Bracket Clips.

Well, you have everything you need to make the motor mount to inflatable boat of yours. Let’s get started with the processing.

Step 1: Select the Mount Type and Steering Side

One of the most important things is choosing the right motor mount kit for the inflatable boat.

First of all, you need to decide where you want to put the motor and select the steering side of the boat.  As we have discussed before, the best possible place to install the motor in the middle of the stern transom is for smaller boats.  

Another thing you need to consider about selecting the location is whether you are righty or lefty. For larger inflatable boats, you can choose the place as per your preference and boat design. Bow mount isn’t very compatible with an inflatable boat. So, reconsider before setting that.

Also, according to your steering side, you can choose the location for mounting the motor on the port side or starboard side. And your sitting position or arrangement can also help to pick up the most fitting place.

Step 2: Prepare the Motor for Mounting

If you have an old motor to install, that’s fine. But if you don’t have one. You have to buy one from the market. So, assemble the motors, as it comes in parts. And attach it with the mounting kit. If you don’t have the kit, you have other options to hang the motor right! Then, set it with that.

If it has plates to secure the motor panels. Then, detach the plate, and you’ll see the mounting place in there. After that, attach them together carefully.

Step 3: Try to Setup the Shaft as Midpoint as Possible

Having the shaft at the center point benefits you while handling the boat. It’ll be convenient to spot any steering or drifting hitch from a motor error during steer the boat.

So, whether you prefer the starboard side or portside, always strive for as much as mid-point as possible.

Step 4: Attach the Mount Boat Motor Stand Holder (Not Mandatory)

Before going into the next step, one important step is remained to complete. That is preparing the motor stand holder. As we talked, some inflatable has a designed place and setup for this process. And some don’t. So, for the later, attach the holder with the boat using glue.

Just put it where you planned to mount the motor on the boat.

Step 5: Position the Front of the Mount

The next thing you need to do is- position your mount’s front along with clean the bow tip. The position shouldn’t alter too much from the primary setup.

Otherwise, it could create a problem.

Step 6: Check and Confirm Motor Head and Its Position

The motor must fit with the boat size and boundaries to the marked point. It must be at the side of the boat and at hand’s length.

Don’t let the motorhead in a hanging position. If required, check them more than once to make sure the marking position is right and accurate.

Step 7: If needed, Drill Some Holes and Fix It

According to your pilot size, if your motor mount needs holes to hang, drill some holes on the mount. You could need another person’s help to hold the support while using the drill on it.

After that, use crews to attach the motor at the drilled positions. Do this process slowly. Otherwise, it could get messy.

Step 8: Align the Base Part

The last thing you need to do is- align the bottom part. Use the screws to secure the mount position according to the front side.

Now, recheck everything, whether all are according to your plan. If you notice any error, fix that immediately.

The primary work is done. One thing remained before going on the water.

Step 9: Set the Wire and Other Things

Now, your motor mounting on an inflatable board is complete. Set the electric motor wire, paddle, and other things in a particular position where they won’t create problems while steering and moving on the boat.

Some other things you may consider while making a motor mount on an inflatable boat.

Step 10: Determine the Optimal Height of the Motor

A crucial thing to check while setting up the motor on your boat. Picking up the right height is essential. Don’t put it too low or too high, and it will create problems during steering. The boat’s design doesn’t have to do anything with this.

No matter what your boat is, just adjust the height properly.

Form the boat’s hull, around 2 centimeters to one inch below, is the ideal spot for the anti-cavitation plate. A too high placed motor will reduce the thrust power. A little bit of difficulty in steering and maneuverability will cause by too low motor position.

Step 11: Motor Tilt Angle

Another thing you need to consider while mounting the motor is- tilt adjustment. Depending on your water condition, your motor’s tilt needs some adjustment.

While moving to the head of the sea, the motor’s tilt should be inwards. That will help the bow down and provide better stability. For the following sea, tilt should be outward position. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a motor on an inflatable kayak?

You may be wondering if an inflatable can go with a motor; what about my inflatable kayak! Are the kayaks also compatible with the motor installment!

The good news for you is – yes, they can. You can transform your inflatable kayak into a small motorized kayak for fishing or touring.

Installing or mounting a motor on an inflatable kayak is kind of similar to a mounting motor on an inflatable boat. Just a few adjustments could be the necessity. If possible, we will prepare another article about it too, but not today.

Can you put a trolling motor on an inflatable boat?

Using a trolling motor on an inflatable will significantly improve and convenience for fishing or touring around a lake or two. As previously we have discussed in this article so far, installing a trolling motor on inflatable is very easy and simple. Just follow our guidelines above.

However, remember this- the speed you will get from a trolling motor on an inflatable boat; doesn’t depends on the thrust power or the number of engines you have on the boat. We talked about this more in the bellow question; read that one for information.

How fast can a trolling motor push/go on an Inflatable boat/kayak?

Some people misunderstood how the motor works on the inflatable boat or on a kayak. For your information, the usual 3 HP electric motor can go around 4.5-5 MPH with an inflatable boat, obviously at full-throttle steering.

With a 3 hp motor, your boat can last around 10-12 hours; if you drive at medium speed.

So, don’t think putting too much powerful motor can make your boat fly. Instead, it can create problems and provide less efficiency in steering. In the worst-case scenario, you will be on the water because of power imbalance.

Final Thought:

In this article, we shared information on how to make a motor mount for inflatable boat and much more related information regarding motor installment. We tried to cover everything that is necessary and helpful to understand this process.

Mounting motor on inflatable isn’t a difficult or complicated process. With little enthusiasm and guidelines can make it possible. Follow our steps and adjust to your situation accordingly. As you know, not everyone has the same interest or working method.

Mounting an electric or trolling motor on the inflatable will give you more fun during fishing or touring around the water. Just try it, believe me, you won’t regret your decision. You will spend more and more time on the water than ever.

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