How To Build A Mini Speed Boat | Low Cost And Easy Maintenance

Affording a big speed boat is sometimes only daydreaming for sea lovers. But what if you can take the same excitement from a cost-effective and low-maintenance perspective?

Well if you are up for it, then let me tell you, you can easily build a 2 person mini speed boat or 4 person mini speed boat.  so here we go with an effective guide about how to build a mini speed boat. This DIY speed boat may turn your favorite kids’ boat too.

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Build your own mini speed boat:

Making a mini speed boat is not though but a bit complicated process if you are a newbie in the sea.  We have provided  you an effective and easy 7 step guide. So give it a read for an easier start:

Step 1. Make a blueprint of your design:

For everything, you make needs proper planning. And in case if you want to build a mini jet boat, preparing a design is a necessity. Well, this step is also the motivation to keep your work going and the blueprint of how things are to be done. With this step, you can carve out your imagination into reality.

You can either prepare the desired shape as a sketch on your notepad or prepare a model in CAD. Computer-aided design works great for solid works. For preliminary testing, you can build a Sub assemble then test it if if you are going right with your CAD model. If it’s ok then make it ready for cutting it out and 3D printing.

Step 2. Buying a kit or Gather necessary tools :

Well, there are a lot of kits available in the market to build a small jet boat apart from the purchased kit are a lot of other tools that are counted as off-the-shelf you need to buy.

For instance, you need:

  • PVC pipe
  • wire
  • carpet hook loop
  • SS hardware
  • fiberglass
  • tape
  • Stain
  • paint
  • voltmeter
  • Switch
  • charger
  • cable ties
  • brushes
  • Gloves
  • icing bags
  • Wood flour
  • epoxy
  • quick cleats
  • motor connector plug
  • Rope
  • pulleys and so on.

step 3. Diy making of sub-assemblies and get it ready to use:

The first step is to make the seat base force stop to do it so you need to attach the bottom and top of the seat base through gluing. Then leave it for drying and remove any excess.

Then go for the steering wheel and steering drum. As you have the design beforehand here you need to start gluing for the center of the steering wheel to assemble it.

Now take account of the steering drum. You have already got the sub-assemblies of the steering drum. Now it’s time to glue them together and repeat the steps to remove any excess glue and leave it for proper drying.

Now it’s time to drill holes according to the 3D printed model you have.

Step 4. Assemble and Shape up your boat and waterproof it:

Now let’s puzzle play. We go for the larger pieces to build a small jet boat. You have to epoxy the joints of the puzzle. Make sure the ages of the puzzle are fixed stronger to run in the sea.

Now comes the motor. You need to glue the motor mount to the transom.

Next comes the step of sanding puzzle joints. After the epoxy has been done properly it’s time to sand puzzle joints but remembers not to overdo it. The sides that are not visible do not require excessive sanding.

Now to trace and cut the fiberglass accordingly use newly assembled pieces. At this step, it is obvious that you cannot find out the floor of the cabin because of the unobvious shapes.

Now it’s time to fix your boat. We start with cable time assembly. The next step was to go for the epoxy of the fillet hard. This helps reach the corners. Make the bulkheads filled with foam and make sure it is airtight.

Continue the Assembly of all the small parts in order to give the shape of the speed boat. You will be amazed that you have brought that drawn model into reality.

Make sure that the wood of your boat is cleanly even. Send off any excess gluing and epoxy. To run in the water you need to make sure that your boat is waterproof. Both the interior and exterior need to be waterproofed.

Step 5. Prepare its outlook( paint and varnish)

Painting your boat may be an optional step but outlooks matter. In order to prepare it for printing make sure the surface of your boat is smooth do that you need to send out the imperfections.

For painting, you have already got free directions from the paint kit. start with the first coat of base. It is ideal to go for 3 coats for the water. Clean, sand, paint repeat. Lastly, remove taping. After you have finished painting make sure to varnish the whole boat. 

Step 6. Wiring and final touch:

To run the boat on the sea you need to start working on the wiring. Start with the Motor. Wire the motor to run the motor wires through the tubing. The wires coming out of the motor need to be connected with the trailer hitch connector.

Now start creating for the dead man’s switch and the wiring harness. Start drilling for light switch holes and the voltmeter. After that place a light using a gasket.

After installing the main wiring harness, wire the fuse in a close connection to the battery terminal and start connecting wires to the dash in the motor. Now the wiring harness needs to be cable-tied.

Step 7. All done for sailing!

Now place the seat on a clean floor and ensure that it has a proper peel and stick adhesive. This will help to please the sitting arrangement firmly. Make sure it is permanently mounted and start running the rope. Here is your Porsche boat all ready to sail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to drive a speed boat? 

If you have only driven cars then my dear it would be a complicated process to learn and be a bit hard for you.

Cost to build a mini jet boat?

The cost to build a mini jet boat stays within the range of 21000 USD to 66000 USD.

Happy sailing: 

Whether you want to make a homemade aluminum jet boat or a normal mini speed boat, spending much more time planning is a must. I hope the guide about how to make a mini speed boat helped much. Last but not the least make sure there is enough safety measures  and first aid facilities. What are you waiting for? Emerge in the sea and happy sailing!

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